Our Services

Through career development, we aim at bringing visionary leaders that are committed and passionate about their communities. A committed career orientated youth has ability to end social and economic injustice in their surroundings.

Students are exposed to career information sessions; in these sessions students are assisted in becoming responsible adults who can develop realistic and fulfilling life plans based on clear understanding of themselves and their needs, interests, and skills Our organisation has developed partnerships with local universities and colleges, we invite academics to come address students with the aim to provide guidance in subject and career choices

As studies have shown, solutions in creating ongoing job opportunities rest in the small business sector. Devine Royalty aims at steering the youth into entrepreneurship, becoming independent and job creators for a working South Africa. Through entrepreneurship talks, the organisation works in partnership with well-known entrepreneurs to talk to the young people about the world of entrepreneurship.

Devine Royalty’s youth innovative programs are aimed at encouraging young people to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create the future they want. Students are given assignment to go and identify challenges from their communities, analyse them and come up with solutions, we aim at encouraging the youth to take part in various developmental initiatives thereby empowering themselves, bringing back their dignity, confidence, mission, vision, accountability and responsibility. The organisation is set to invite role models to take part, encourage and act as mentors and motivators to the youth. Devine Royalty also opens job opportunities for their youth and other members of the community. Through our networks and strategies, we aim at creating ongoing job opportunities for youth not only being employed by us but by also becoming self-sustainable.

Other Services

Most of the Senior Secondary Schools we are working with, do not have computers nor internet access. This affects most grade 12 students in that, they do not have access to information needed for their transitioning from secondary school to tertiary education. Most of them end up not proceeding to tertiary. Devine Royalty offers its resources to help grade 12 students access information on different tertiary education provisions and are guided to choose qualifications based on their identified talents and interests.

Besides, Devine Royalty works closely with the local National Student Financial Aid Scheme to provide students with information on who is eligible for their bursary scheme and how to apply. Lastly, Devine Royalty has a passion for assisting girls to reach their full potential. This is not withstanding the effort by the South African government and local leaders to spearhead the fight against gender and sexual violence in schools, most rural school still experience high rate of absenteeism and dropout in girls than boys and the common causes are early pregnancies, early marriages, sexual harassment and intimidation. Some girls lack economic means to buy sanitary ware during menstruation and as a result will stay at home for the duration. At Devine Royalty we partner with local businesses to supply girls with sanitary ware on a quarterly basis.