About Devine Royalty

About Devine Royalty

Who is Devine Royalty?

Devine Royalty is birthed from a biblical background that, all humanity is created to be like God; to have complete authority and dominion over everything on the surface of the entire earth. The main aim of the organisation is to empower young people to fulfil their original purpose: which is to dominate over creation. At Devine Royalty, we work with high school students in and around the poverty stricken rural areas of Tsolo and Maclear in the Eastern Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. We work mainly with students in grades Ten (10), Eleven (11) and Twelve (12), providing a range of services in career development, entrepreneurship and other youth development programs.

Our People

Devine Royalty is its people, their integrity and collective professional intelligence. Through its partnership programme, Devine Royalty is able to call upon related skills when needed to comprehensively address all aspects of the project. Most of Devine Royalty directors are young professionals led by a Managing Director.

Devine Royalty | NPC: 2018/299949 /08
Board Members: Thembela Lingani (Chairperson)

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