New House in Strand

September 2017 - A House was Built

We are delighted to show you our newly builtĀ house in Strand. We wish to extend our gratitude towards our donors, family and friends who supported this dream over the past four years. It is because of your support that we can make a difference in the lives of children. We want to give special mention to Henley and Partners, the Taylor family and Spier whose contributions made it possible to build this house. Thank you!

The dream to build a foster house started about four years ago when we realised the urgent need for more homes and places of safety for abandoned children. Family, friends, companies and individuals joined hands with us and helped us to turn our dream into a reality.

The first two foster children will arrive shortly.

Help us to continue this work and take careĀ of these children by making a once-off donation or commit to a monthly contribution. Details here.