Meet Abigail

A woman with a heart that can change a child’s life:

I have met an extraordinary woman… who does not only hope for change in children in SA, but who is willing to put everything she is and own on the line to see that change. Let me introduce you to Abigail Moodley: The appointed foster mother for Joya Homes’ newly built house in Broadlands. Abigail grew up in a small house without a dad and a mother who could barely make ends meet. For a big part of her life, Abigail lived with her grandmother. There she knew unconditional love and she learned what one woman’s commitment and sacrifice can bring into a child’s life. With the love of grandmother engraved in her heart Abigail grew up with a desire to speak and fight for children who cannot fight for themselves. Then came the little advert from Joya Homes in a newspaper for a full time position as a foster mother for six children…

She had been prepared for this unknowingly, but immediately knew this was for her. This was her calling and the opportunity that she had been praying for. But this is what really touched me in my interview with Abigail: To me the idea of taking care of six children with difficult backgrounds is filled with doubt and fear of the ‘unknown’. Instead of uncertainty, Abigail has a peaceful knowing, an expectancy that the children will over time feel loved enough to call her ‘mom’, ‘my mom’. That they will use words like ‘my sister’ or ‘my brother’,even though they are not from the same parents. It will be ‘my home,my family, even my dogs, she carries on. All of this is possible because of the one thing Abigail is certain of- the power of love. She believes that they will forget enough to be healed of where they came from but remember enough to know where God has brought them out of. When you ask Abigail if she does not feel overwhelmed by the idea of six children with broken little hearts and difficult circumstances. Her face lit up as she speaks of not only hope, but a very deep and certain knowing that every child placed in her and her husband’s care will grow up to be healthy, happy and balanced adults.

She speaks of children laughing on the jungle gym, running around the house with mom and dad listening to them, while a cooked dinner awaits in the kitchen. She speaks of being part of tears and laughter, education and restoration. She does not only believe in the healing of a heart, she has lived through it herself and is therefore so certain about it that she is giving her life to be a part of it.

The next few days I play around with Abigail’s words in my mind. To say the least, I am touched. A simple life with so much belief. A woman who can truly change the course of a child’s life.